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dino head My Almost-daily Journal

I love trying out new things, especially when it comes to internet technology. I never really kept a journal, but it's something that I've always wanted to do. Now, everybody will get a chance to look inside my twisted, and somewhat-warped mind. I've also subscribed to Audio Blog, so a few times a week, I'll leave actual voice blogs. Very cool!
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Friday, August 17, 2007

Baby #2 On the Way!

We just pulled into Beaumont Hospital! Baby #2 is on the way! We were
pushing our luck... Contractions only two minutes apart. We didn't want to
get sent back home this time.
Dino Filias
Sent via Blackberry

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

WoW! It's Been a While

WoW! Or should I say World of Warcraft? Ha ha. It certainly has been a while since I've blogged. My goal is to keep this updated at least once a week for starters. Perhaps it may go down to once a month... not sure.

Stay tuned for more nonesense that's really only important to me. Ha ha.

posted by Dino at 12:52 PM (permanent link)
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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Decoma Goose

It was pretty exciting to see the Decoma goose with five eggs in her clutch on 4/3/06. Even on 4/4/06, she was there, keeping her eggs warm. That's the day I told the building manager to make sure nobody bothers her and to keep an I on her. Little did I know he was a goose Nazi, and hates all things living. He made comments like, "Those eggs need to be destroyed so they don't come back", and "they are nothing but a nuisance...". On 4/5/06 there were four eggs in her clutch. Maybe a weasel, racoon, or mountain lion wanted an omelette. Who knows? Guess what? On 4/6/06 there were NO eggs in her nest. None. Can you believe that shit? Amazing too that the dirt where she was roosting was convenientyly manicured and cultivated. The only thing that I saw on the morning of 4/6/06 were two grieving geese, walking around the parking lot looking for their eggs.

I decided to pay a visit to the Michigan DNR webpage. This is what the DNR says about goose eggs.

Egg-Shaking and Replacement: Egg shaking and replacement could prove to be a useful tool for controlling goose numbers in urban areas. Once an active nest is located, the defending parents must be chased off and the eggs vigorously shaken. This will stop the development of the embryo, and the eggs will not hatch. The alternative egg technique is to remove eggs and replace them with artificial eggs of the same size. Simply removing or destroying eggs will not control goose populations because the geese will often lay a new clutch of eggs. Both egg control methods are currently experimental and require a special permit provided by the FWS and the DNR.

Legal Status

Canada geese are an important natural resource and are federally protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. They can be legally hunted during the hunting seasons with the proper licenses. The frightening and repellants described in this brochure are methods sanctioned by the DNR. Throwing firecrackers or chasing geese with any motorized device (on land or water) are NOT authorized scare methods. Killing geese outside of the established hunting season and disturbing nests with goose eggs present can be done only under special permit, which can be applied for only when other techniques have been unsuccessful.

Southeastern Management Unit
(Genesee, Lapeer, Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, St. Clair and Wayne counties)

I'm not a tree-hugging liberal. But to destroy goose eggs is a heinous act. I am almost to the point of filing a poaching case officially with the DNR. But I did not. I need more proof, the supervisor from the law division, Tim Payne, told me. Right now, I'm so furious, I just want to punch the mother f'er that destroyed those eggs right in the nuts.

Here's the videos of the goose on 4/3/06:

posted by Dino at 8:15 PM (permanent link)
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Monday, March 13, 2006

Update to My SSN Rant

Knowing how a lack of SSN for Angelina ruined my weekend, Danielle took it upon herself to resolve this issue to prevent filing an extension. Boy she works fast!

It looks like the half-wits aren't the ones at St. John's Hospital, but at the Social Security Administration. So instead of updating/deleting my post below, I'll just take a big spoonful or crow, and eat my words. St. John's Hospital had nothing to do with a five month wait for Angelina's SSN (perhaps). It's probably the half-wits at the Social Security Administration.

Danielle went to Secratary of State to see what she needs to do to get Angelina's SSN. Well, a number was issued... we just didn't get the card. A birth certificate (and the fact that Danielle brought Angelina with her) wasn't enough. They wanted to see the placenta. Not really, but they needed a hospital bill or some other proof of birth. Can you believe that? Lesson learned: save the placenta and bring that.

So Danielle came back, presented a hospital bill, and they were able to tell her Angelina's SSN. Good for me, since I was able to submit my taxes tonight. One down, two to go. I still have to do both of our parents' tax returns. I love tax season.

posted by Dino at 8:01 PM (permanent link)
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Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Halfwits of St. John's Hospital

Typically, per IRS.gov, it takes two weeks to get a social security number from the Social Security Administration.

Let's see... Angelina was born on October 9, 2005. We put our faith in the mentally-handicapped halfwits that work at St. John's Hospital administration department, to process that elementary task.

It's March 12, 2006, and I don't have a social security number for Angelina. What does that mean to me? Well, it means that I can't complete my mother f'ing taxes until I get a social security number for her. Do you think that I'll get one by mid-April? It's highly doubtful.

I spent all f'ing weekend finishing up my taxes, and now I'm stalled waiting for a mother f'ing social security number.

My problem: if people did the job they're supposed to do when they're supposed to do it, I wouldn't have problems.

Now I'm going to have to file an extension. In the meantime, I want to personally talk to the retard at St. John's that handles processing social security applications. Then, get them fired, and replace them with a half-retarded chimpanze. I can't wait.

posted by Dino at 11:12 PM (permanent link)
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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Google Toolbar Beta

Google Toolbar Beta

Google continues to astonish me. The latest google toolbar is a work of utilitarian art!

posted by Dino at 11:17 PM (permanent link)
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Friday, February 10, 2006

Oh Boy!

These are exciting times! I guess I know what I'm doing this weekend: wiring up the living room, which means coax jack, surround jacks (need to wire up into attic), and a network line. Didn't plan on it, but it's better to come sooner than later.

Dino Filias ,
Your Plasma Display order was shipped via AIT Freight. AIT Freight
specializes in shipping larger items. You will receive your product(s) in
2-4 business days.

Oh boy!

posted by Dino at 11:23 AM (permanent link)
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